How our membership works

Once our customers spend over £100 on a single order they automatically receive a link to become a member.  In this forum you have access to super cheap clothes and accessories, you can copy discount codes and can also hire our products.  


Our hiring service will require you to upgrade your membership to either silver, gold or platinum. Each level will allow to increase the amount of products you hire.


Lets give an example

Ok so lets say you have chosen to join with a silver membership. You see a pair of sneakers that are advertised as being "available to hire". the sneakers are £49 to buy and £9 to hire. We already have your deposit as you paid it along with your silver membership. 

This way you will only have to pay £9 to hire them. Delivery is free and returning is free. The £9 you paid to hire is of course none refundable.


You will receive a returns bag with a free shipping label attached. Our hiring term is normally 5 days starting from the day we receive confirmation that it has been delivered to your home. Please be aware if you are out or miss the delivery and it goes back to the delivery office. Then unfortunately the hiring time frame will still start when there was attempted delivery.


You can choose how long you hire for with each additional day having a small fee.


Because your silver membership only allows you to hire at a max retail price of £50 you may be limited. However the silver membership is great for people who are on a budget. Remember you are free to hire anything up to the retail value of £50.





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Case Study

With a silver membership you could potentially hire 3x shirts, are shirts are £6.90, and a pair of sneakers for £28. This works out to a retail price of £49. Which means you've covered the retail deposit with your one time membership fee. Remember every item has a HIRING FEE. This is none returnable. 


Hiring fee

Your fee for any membership is simply the deposit, every time you return your goods your account will automatically pay for your next deposit. You don't have to cancel anything as there is no recurring fee. It is not a subscription, just a one of deposit payment.

When you no longer want to hire from us, just lets us know with a quick message via our WhatsApp, with your membership number along with the message "return deposit".  Once your deposit has been returned your membership will return its basic level. This level will still give you access to all our wonderful deals and codes!


Please see our Terms and conditions for hiring 

Members one off deposit fee