The artist

Custom designer Charles Huntley is the man behind KK. His art is by far the deepest out there. All his designs are based on  peace and spirituality. He really does turn his own energy into masterpieces. From a very early age being involved with the Graffiti Kings of the west midlands, breakdancing, 80's casuals and all things Oldskool.  The creative arts scene really is in his blood. 

The vibrant colourways

Wonderfully bright Neon colours are the only colours he mixes, following everything light to stay with love and light. His primary colours are neon yellow, green, orange, purple and pink. His well know trade mark that we all love is of course the question mark, as he is a strong believer that everything starts with a question, as nobody truly knows everything.  


Oldskoolretro has a long standing relationship with many creative arts organisations. We plan to have a wonderful display of our custom range at the Birmingham Pride (28th May) and Wolverhampton Pride festivals on the 10th June. We are also working on free graffiti workshops at the Penn Skate park. These are very exciting times!